Medical Billing Arizona

Medical Billing Services in Arizona

Using our service frees up your staff members and other costly administrative resources while also ensuring your practice’s financial stability. The efficient service we provide will not only process claim submissions, but will also thoroughly evaluate them to uncover any issues that may result in denial or rejection by insurance companies. Similarly, our Services will handle follow-ups, appeals, and patient calls.

Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services

• Service installation is simple.

• There is no long-term contract.

• We only get paid when you do.

• Get paid sooner

• All payments are sent straight to you.

• Reduce the rate of claim rejection and denial.

• Remove all financial discussions with patients.

• Eliminate cash flow disruptions.

• Save numerous hours of wasted time on phone calls to insurance companies.

• Cut down on practicing time.

• Increase your revenue.

Why Us?

We are a professional medical billing service company in Arizona committed to providing exceptional service to physicians. Our services are applicable to any medical profession. We are able to serve our Anchorage medical billing clients with rapid, efficient service while optimizing their reimbursement by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We have a straightforward mission: to recover all owed revenues in a timely manner. We remove the impediments that cause income loss owing to underpricing, missing charges, and uncollected claims. Medical billing entails far more than simply submitting claims. Proper billing necessitates a thorough financial understanding of your Arizona practice and its operations.

• Entering Data

• Electronic Claims Filing

• All Delinquent Claims/Professional Claims Appeal should be followed up on.

• Expenses for in-house billing are eliminated: (Salaries, Vacation, Sick Pay,

• Medical & Dental Benefits, Workers Comp, and Payroll Taxes)

• Elimination of Expensive Office Space, Billing Software, and Computer Hardware

• HIPPA Compliant, Complete Patient & Client Confidentiality

• Monthly Reports Customized

Our Specialties

Our medical billing experts have worked with physicians in a wide range of specialties, including optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We understand the issues that providers in a variety of specialties encounter, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collection practices.

Select a Provider for the Billing.

When selecting a medical billing and claims company, there are several variables to consider. Some are related to the sorts of services to be given, while others are specific to your profession’s needs. As a result, you must concentrate on three major and fundamental factors:

• Qualification: Exhibits substantial experience in your field; includes references and information regarding real-world outcomes.

• Performance: Month after month, demonstrates a continuous high level of performance in claim collections. Make sure to inquire about service and reporting as well.

• Technology: Offers sophisticated technological capabilities and exhibits compliance with mandatory electronic transaction requirements.

• Compliance: Demonstrate a significant focus on compliance through a clear plan and solid structure; additionally, delivering compliance services to its partners is a huge advantage.

How Do We Offer Solutions?

The most common challenges that physicians in major cities confront include poor performance in accounts payable or collections, as well as claim denial. Both of these possibilities, as well as other flaws, could result in lesser revenue. Our expert medical billers address these issues by streamlining denial handling and providing services such as integrated health care billing with EMR, as well as several additional value-added services such as mailing patient statements and submitting Medicaid refunds to protect your practice from RAC audits.

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes in the law that affect your practice as a doctor. This is when the talents and knowledge of our hospital billing specialists may come in handy. Payers appear to be in the business of refusing claims and may make mistakes at your expense. Despite the fact that the new HIPAA laws would make the process more efficient, the number of patient-doctor encounters would increase in the future, making it difficult to extract time for code, billing, claim denial, and compliance concerns. Our highly skilled medical billers and coders can ensure that your practice not only grows, but also remains compliant.

We've been using technology to satisfy you.

We know that healthcare providers are increasingly relying on technology, and that the factoring technique on paper is becoming obsolete. Our eagle-eyed professionals recognize the benefits of automated systems and use them to give more productive and cost-effective services to our customers. Be certain that our Colorado medical billing experts have experience with both EMR and Practice Management Systems.