Medical Billing Georgia

Medical Billing Services in Georgia

• Each client receives a unique solution. We are here to serve you.

• We stay up to date on all technological breakthroughs and keep our consumers informed.

• We stay current on billing and code changes. Continue to be knowledgeable and compliant.

Do you wish to boost your earnings? Reduce the amount of time claims spend in A/R? Increase your collection by up to 30%?

We work with physicians in small and big practices and organizations to ensure that every bit of hard earned money is collected. You may be thinking that every penny is a little excessive, but keep in mind that we try to boost your income flow. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get compensated.

You’ll like:
• Get Paid More Quickly

• Increase your revenue.

• Increase your time spent with patients.

• Expand Your Practice

Our Specialties

Our medical billing experts have worked with physicians in a wide range of specialties, including optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We understand the issues that providers in a variety of specialties encounter, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collection practices.

The benefits of outsourcing your medical billing include:

• Experience a regular cash flow stream while being paid more quickly and in larger amounts.

• Profits can be increased by lowering overhead costs such as staffing, pay, software, supplies, and office space.

• Reduce the number of denials.

• Maintain constant access to your practice’s data, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

• Fees are calculated based on net collections. We do not get paid if we do not collect.

• Service and assistance that is tailored to the individual. You will be assigned a personal representative as well as a backup representative with whom you will communicate whenever you need to.

What you may expect from our Medical Billing Services is as follows:

Posting of charges
All charges will be received within 24 hours of receipt.

Submission of claims electronically.
We only do papers claims, when absolutely required

Collections have been improved.
If a claim is denied we aggressively follow-up with insurance companies to get you paid. This includes exhausting the appeals process if an insurance company does not want to pay.

Statements from patients
After all insurance companies for a patient have been billed, we will send them a statement every month asking them to pay their balance. After 3 statements we follow-up with a phone call and if the patient does not want to pay we can send the patient to a collection agency at the providers request.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) (EFT).
We utilize all of the latest technology available from insurance payers. By using ERA’s and receiving EFT’s there will be less paperwork and reimbursements will be expedited. Funds go directly to your bank account.

Billing reports that are detailed.
Complete access to almost any customizable report. We can build a report for you if we don’t already have one.Our Medical Billing Software makes use of cutting-edge technology. It also has an EHR built in that you may utilize, or you can integrate your existing EHR directly into our practice management software.

Verification of eligibility in real time.
Are you squandering your time calling insurance companies to confirm eligibility? Or are you manually entering each patient’s information into the payer’s website? We can obtain an eligibility report from the payer in seconds with the touch of a button.

Scheduler of appointments.
Many practice management software packages still lack an appointment scheduler. Ours is user-friendly, adaptable, simple to use, and packed with features. Schedule appointments, check patients in, and collect copays with ease.

Demographics of the patients
With our simple Patient module, you can rapidly enter patient information.

Letters of recommendation
Create referral letters quickly and easily, then print or fax them to the provider with the touch of a button.

Stop writing prescriptions and start sending them directly to pharmacies via electronic means.

Ordering labs electronically allows for fewer errors and faster turnaround.

By using our messaging tool, you can avoid sticky notes and hollering around the office.

Electronic faxing that is secure.
Our software allows you to send and receive faxes directly. Assign faxes received to patient charts. With the click of a button, you can send medical records.

• Flow sheets for tracking vitals, labs, and other data.

• Tools and content tailored to a given industry

• Easily configurable preferences

We Appreciate Technology.

We already know that healthcare practitioners are becoming progressively reliant on technology, and that the paper-based factoring technique is becoming obsolete. Our savvy staff see the benefits of automated processes and use them to give our clients with more productive and cost-effective services. Make certain that our Colorado medical billing experts are conversant with both EMR and Practice Management Systems.