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Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services

Gastroenterology is the medical field that deals with the digestive system and the issues related to it. In order to keep the gastroenterology clinic or hospital financially successful, it is important for the gastroenterologists to be up to dated with the latest codes and rules and regulations related to the gastroenterology billing. Gastroenterology includes diagnosis and treatment of the colorectal cancer, colonoscopy and the endoscopy. As gastroenterology billing is a quite challenging task, so it is important that it should be done by well-trained and experts of billing so that the payments are fully reimbursed and the profit is sustained. The best solution is to outsource the billing department to an experienced gastroenterology coding and billing company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing the billing department will have the multiple benefits that is explained below.

• Billing and coding are quite stressful for the medical staff because they are not expert in it and it can take a lot of time. By outsourcing, the gastroenterologists will be able to do their duty of diagnostics and treatments in a much better way. They will get rid of extra burden of billing and coding.

• Reimbursement process will speed up by outsourcing the billing department because in this way billing will be done by experts who have a vast experience of coding and billing.

• Billing will be done in a more efficient way by outsourcing and there here will be a less chance of errors that cause denial.

• Extra staff will not be needed for billing and cost of hiring staff will be saved. If you are thinking to outsource your gastroenterology billing, so the best company is Instant Healthcare.

Instant Healthcare Gastroenterology Billing Services

Instant Healthcare has an extensive experience of dealing with gastroenterology billing services. We make sure to submit your claims accurately and in time to maximize the revenue. Our experts are fully aware about the issues that can occur while the gastroenterology coding and billing services, and they know how to deal with these issues. They can efficiently do the coding and billing of diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to gastroenterology. Our company is HIPAA complaint and it provides flexible pricing packages for small and big clinics and hospitals.

Instant Healthcare is one of the leading Gastroenterology billing company that has won the confidence of its large number of clients. Our team of experts is always busy in providing the quality services. The validated process of billing and regular follow up with insurers help to timely and fully reimburse the claims.

Gastroenterology Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

Patient Data Entry
The data of patients received from the customer is analyzed and is entered in our system for further processing and billing. It is made sure that there is no error of ambiguity in the data and no information is missed that can result in the denial of claims by the insurers. The data is rearranged according to the insurer requirement.
Eligibility Verification
One of the core steps in the gastroenterology billing services is the verification of the eligibility of the patient for receiving the insurance. It helps to make sure that claims will be accepted for reimbursement or not. Verification is performed in various steps to avoid any sort of error.
Coding Services
Coding expert team assigns the relevant codes to the processes and procedures that have been performed for the diagnosis and treatment of the gastroenterology related diseases. Codes are assigned carefully to avoid any error. Coding teams is up to dated with the latest codes that come in use with the new technology.
Claims Processing
Claims are processed and submitted to the insurance companies. Special focus is made on the timelines so that the claims are submitted in time to avoid any sort of refusal due to delay in submission. Also claims are scrubbed multiple times to remove any type of error from them.
Follow up Services
Our team keeps track record of the claims submitted and regular follow ups are made with the insurers about the status of the claims. Follow up report is also shared with the customers. If any information is found missing by the insurers, then we get back to the patient and collect the required information again.
Payment Posting
When the payments have been reimbursed by the insurers, then we transfer these to the accounts of patients of our clients.
Denial Management
If the claims are refused or denied by the insurers due to any reason, we get back to the insurers to get to know the cause of denial. Refused claims are processed again and any error that has been highlighted is removed. Claims are reprocessed and submitted again for the reimbursement.

Why to Choose Us

The features that make us distinctive and better than other billing companies.

Flexible Pricing Packages
Our pricing packages are flexible and affordable than other competitors. Our services are customized according to the requirement and need of our customers. Service are customized on the basis of per hour work, per unit work and percentage of the payments reimbursed.

High Quality Services
Our expert team submits your claims after a lot of working. The claims are made error free by scrubbing them multiple times. Quality assurance team goes through the final document before submission, so that any chance of denial of refusal can be minimized. Our accurate and in time submission makes it possible that the claims are fully reimbursed that increase the revenue of our clients.

HIPAA Compliant
Instant Healthcare is a HIPAA complaint company. We have a strict policy for the security of the patients’ personal data. Extra arrangements are made on the network and physical level to make sure that no unauthorized person accesses the data of the patients. Data is reachable to only those who are allowed to access it.

Well-Trained Team
Our team is well trained and certified. They have an extensive experience in the field of medical billing and coding. Regular trainings are arranged for the staff to enhance their skills with the latest technology in the field of coding and billing. The team has to deal with several issues that make them expert in their filed.

24/7 Availability
Our customer care department is available any time to provide you support and to deal with your billing issues. They can be reached through various communication mediums such as emails, messages and on calls.