Medical Billing Arkansas

Medical Billing Services in Arkansas

We offer collection services, including claim filing, payment mailing, appeals and follow-up. Our goal is to give you with a rapid turnaround time and the highest possible reimbursement for each of your claims. This is accomplished by developing and sustaining a comprehensive and timely revenue cycle.

Some billing job can be dull and monotonous, but others demand advanced analytical, synthesis, and communication abilities. We will learn your programme, so you and your staff will not have to. Payables are handled on a regular and thorough basis, and any statement, collection, or insurance query is handled by our office so you can focus on patient care.

We collaborate closely with physicians and employees to focus on collaboration rather than rushing in and taking control. We thoroughly consider your concerns and assess your current processes. As a result, we can design and deploy a tailored solution to govern your billing cycle and make it quicker, easier, and less stressful.


Our medical claims administrators will review your claims to verify there are no missing or incorrect information before submitting them to the insurance provider, using regular communication with the doctors to clarify diagnosis or acquire further information.

We Offers:
EHR / Medical Records
Maintaining EHR/PHR necessitates meticulous attention to detail as well as an awareness of medical privacy standards. Mega Medical Billing will manage your facility’s medical records, including preparing, storing, and retrieving EHR and auditing those records for compliance.

Entry of Payment
We will handle payment posting for your office, which includes posting both electronic and manual payments, keeping correct ledgers, and reporting revenue from patient payments and insurance reimbursements.Prior to posting, insurance adjustments, contractual reductions, and bad debt write-offs are thoroughly evaluated for possible appeal.

Processing of Denied Applications
Knowing why a claim was rejected or denied is a key part of determining whether or not you can appeal the decision. We have experience evaluating why claims were rejected/denied and what procedures must be taken to rectify the submission or challenge the judgement. Mega Medical Billing will analyses any rejections/denials and submit the necessary evidence to achieve maximum payment on submitted claims at no extra cost.

Interaction between the Practice Company and Insurance
We understand that each insurance provider seems to speak a different language at times, and we’re here to help! We speak both ‘languages’ and can easily ‘translate’ due to our everyday contact with insurance companies and your practice. So no more attempting to decipher what the insurance company is saying.No more waiting on hold to talk with the correct claim handler; instead of listening to hold music, you and your personnel can focus on providing patient care.There will be no more interruptions from insurance companies while working with patients.While we work with the insurance company, you take care of your patient.

Entry Charge
The accuracy of charge input, a vital component of medical billing, necessitates the utmost care. Precise billing guarantees that the insurance payer receives the correct compensation. We recognize the significance of this step and painstakingly post charges to patient accounts on a regular basis.

Statements of Patient
We print and mail your patient statements, saving you time on folding, packing, and stamping. You do not need to keep a huge supply of mailing materials on hand. We will also answer patient questions about the outstanding balance.

Why We Stand-tall Among Others?

We offer medical billing solutions to physicians, medium and big hospitals, as well as individual and group practices. Our medical billing expert has a comprehensive solution to increase your practice’s performance and increase the clinical aspects of every patient visit.

• Management of Accounts Receivable

• 99% Primary Bill Pass Rate Secondary Insurance Billing Restoration of Old

• Account Receivables

• Processing of Insurance and Patient Reimbursement in Response to Referral and Authorization

• Comprehensive Coverage Following Up

• Compilation and mailing of patient statements

• Assessment and Management of Denials

• All claims that have been denied or have received a low payment are eligible for an appeal.

• Comprehensive claim follow-up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All billing and claims processing information is securely accessible online.

• Claim processing in real time.

Our Expertise

Our medical billing specialists have collaborated with doctors from a variety of specialties, including ophthalmology, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We know the challenges that physicians in various specialties face, and we have the expertise and tools to help them improve their medical billing and collection operations.

Application of Technology

We know that healthcare professionals are increasingly reliant on technology, and that the paper-based factoring technique is becoming outmoded. Our astute employees recognize the advantages of automated systems and employ them to provide more productive and cost-effective services to our clients. Ensure that our Colorado medical billing specialists are familiar with both EMR and Practice Management Systems.