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Plastic Surgery Billing Services

Plastic Surgery is the medical field that corrects the abnormalities and defects in face and the body. These abnormalities can be due to certain by birth disabilities, diseases, injuries or due to the aging factor. Plastic surgery billing can be difficult and confusing due to the multiple procedures and practices, co-surgeries and the changing levels of the wound repair. Assigning codes can be a bit difficult due to these complex procedures of plastic surgery. Another important feature of plastic surgery is that it is a costly medical field so it is important that the coding and billing is done accurately so that there is no chance of any loss in revenue and the claims are reimbursed fully and without any denial.  One of the best solutions is to outsource the plastic surgery billing and coding department to a well experienced and expert billing company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Plastic Surgery Billing

Now a days outsourcing the billings in the medical business is important. The reason is that some specific abilities and expertise are needed to generate the maximum revenue and reduce the denial chances. Below are few of the benefits of outsourcing the billing department.

• Error in coding and billing can cause denial. Outsourcing will help to submit the claims error free because the billing companies have a trained staff for this purpose. This trained staff will submit the claims error free.

• Cash flow can be improved by submitting claims in time. By outsourcing the billing, the claims will be submitted without any delay resulting in the timely reimbursement.

• Outsource billing companies are up to date about the rules and regulations related to the coding and billing.

• The major benefit of outsourcing is that the medical staff and surgeons will be care free from the issue related to the coding and billing, rather they will focus on their patients in a much better way.

Instant Healthcare Plastic Surgery Billing

Instant Healthcare is the billing company that has expertise in the plastic surgery billing and coding. A large number of hospitals, clinics and surgeons are our clients. Our staff is well trained and experienced in the field of billing and coding. We have all the knowledge and are always up to dated about the policies and rules and regulations that keep on changing with time. Our coders are capable of coding the procedures that are performed by the plastics surgeons accurately.

Plastic Surgery Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

The Services include complete process from the verification of the eligibility to the submission of claims and follow ups with the insurers.

Eligibility Verification Services
Once the client contact us and hands over the patient’s data for the reimbursement process, we first of all evaluate the eligibility of the patient for the receipt of the payments. This is the most important step because in most cases the payments are refused because the patient is not eligible for the insurance. So early verification will help to save time as well as resources.

Coding Services
After verification of eligibility, the second most important step is the assignment of appropriate codes to the medical procedures and services that have been performed. Surgeries and procedures are assigned relevant codes by the coding experts. Cross checking is done by the audit team in order to avoid any sort of error in coding.

Claims Processing and Submission
Billing department makes sure that the billing has been done accurately and information is complete in every aspect. Multiple checking is done to ensure there is no error. Documents are arranged according to the insurer’s requirements. Quality assurance team goes through the final document before submission to make sure there is no error that can cause refusal.

Regular Follow up Process
Regular follow ups are taken with the insuring company to check the status of the claims submitted. Status is also shared with the customers. Is the insurers inform about any information missing, then they are provided with the relevant information.

Payment Posting
Payments received from the insurers are transferred to the account of the patients.

Denial Management and Appeal
If any submitted claims are refused by the insuring company then we investigate the cause of refusal and then resubmit the claim after removing the error that caused the refusal.

Why Choose Us
There are certain features that make us the best choice for outsourcing your plastic surgery billing and coding services. Few of them are listed below:

Maximum Collections and Reimbursements
We guarantee you the highest profit and the maximum reimbursement by submitting you claims without any error and with complete information. Timelines are strictly followed by us to make sure that there is no delay in the submission that can denial of payments.

HIPAA Compliance
It is our fore most priority to make our billing and coding HIPAA compliant. We strictly follow the policy of the HIPAA regarding the data security of the patients. Staff is specially trained for the handling the data of the patients with great care.

Cost Effective and Flexible Pricing Packages
We offer billing services that are according to the requirement of the customers. Pricing packages are flexing and affordable to the clients in every way. Packages can be customized according to the customer’s desire.

Patient Data Security
Our clients are satisfied with handing of their data , it is in safe hands. Special arrangements are made at physical, network and staff level for the security of data. Any unauthorized person is kept away from the personal data of the patients.

24/7 Accessibility
Our customer care is available 24/7 to listen to your queries and resolve your issues related to billing and coding. Our clients can contact us through multiple mediums including call, messages and emails. Timelines are given to the staff within which they have to resolve your issues.

Fast Billing Process
Our billing process is smooth and streamlined that makes it fast and error free. Once the documents are received from the customers, working is started on it and the claims are submitted within the given time so that there is no chance of any delay is the reimbursement.

Reports Sharing
Financial reports of the customers are generated and shared with the customers on regular basis. These reports include the information about the claims that are submitted, pending, refused and reimbursed.

Claims and Payments Audits
Regular audits are done to make sure that the claims are error free and with complete required information. These audits ensure the maximum and timely reimbursements of the claims. Audit of the payments received are done to cross check that the claims that we submitted having been fully reimbursed.