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Pediatrics Medical Billing Services

Pediatrician deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in infants, children and teenagers. Pediatricians have to come across several complicated procedures and conditions as well as normal preventive healthcare and treatments. Children are considered to be at a high risk of contagious diseases and require extra care and precautionary measures. For this purpose, the staff always needs be extra careful and attentive.

One of the key features of pediatrics medical billing is the vaccination that might not be included in any other medical billing. A record has to be kept and frequently updated about the vaccines that have already been given and the ones that are pending so that the practice is completely paid. Parents are also needed to be informed about the vaccinations. Governments are mostly more sensitive about the health of the children and a several programs are initiated for this purpose. In order to get benefit, the staff needs to be updated about these programs and the billing and coding related to these programs. Another important factor related to pediatrics is transition of child from youth to adult once the child turns 18. The staff needs to be updated about this transition and should maintain an age change document. Another factor in pediatrics is the sibling factors. Multiple children should have their separate billing coverage and the billing staff should have knowledge about it.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Pediatrics medical Billing

In order to deal with the factors explained above, an experienced outsource pediatrics medical billing company is essential that has a great knowledge about all these factors. Outsourcing the pediatrics billing department will provide multiple key benefits, those are listed below.

• Pediatricians will be free from billing related issue and they will be able to focus on the core duty that is taking care of their patients

• Outsourcing the department will be quite economical compared to hiring full time billing staff to perform the same duty

• Outsourcing the billing to an experienced company will reduce the chance of any denial or rejection of payments

• The process of billing will be much faster when it will be done by experts of outsource billing company

• The billing process will be efficient and fully compliant with the standards

Instant Healthcare Pediatrics Medical Billing Services

Instant Healthcare pediatrics medical billing company is the best solution for the problems that you face during the process of pediatrics billing and coding. We assure you that by outsourcing your billing to us your revenue will be managed by experts who are certified and specialists in the field of billing. This satisfaction about your billing will help you in focusing on your patients. Our experts scrub the claims before submitting to ensure that the claims are error free that will guaranty the full and timely payments.

Pediatric Medical Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

Billing Services
The Billing office ensures that the bills are accurately submitted with all the necessary data so that any possibility of denial or refusal can be exempted. Regular quality assurance checks are applied at different levels to ensure that the information is correct and accurate.

Coding Specialist Services
Accurate coding is additionally significant for the medical services providers. Our organization will help you in precise coding as per the standard rules and regulations. The customers just need to scan and share the patient’s data with us at that point our coding team will check and code the medical procedures according to the standards.

Eligibility Verification Services
The most important step in billing is the verification of the eligibility of the patients for the payments. The main cause of the deferral and refusal of the cases is that the patient’s information is mistaken or inadequate. This causes to hinder the billing process. Our experts offer fast eligibility check to avoid wastage of time and resources.

Error Free Claims Processing Services
Before the final submission of the claims for reimbursement the quality assurance team goes through the final document multiple times to eliminate any blunders and to feature any missing data so that any possibility of rejection can be limited.

Regular Follow up Process
Our organization absolutely comprehends that the regular follow-ups are vital for making the payment process quicker. Our group is diligently in contact with the insurance companies through different mediums like calls, messages and emails for the fast settlements of the cases. In the event that any cases are totally denied or not fully paid, our team investigates them and resubmit them after corrections.

Why to choose us
Instant Healthcare has been providing medical billing and coding services to a large number of clients from a very long time. Our customers are happy with our administrations and have a profound trust in us. Our customers incorporate big and small medical clinics and hospitals. The following are a few of the benefits of outsourcing your pediatric medical billing to us:

Flexible Pricing
There is a variety in the prerequisites of the billing and coding of various customers relying on the different factors. Due to this reason we offer flexible pricing packages that are according to the requirement of the customers. Our packages are moderate and reasonable as compared to others.

HIPAA Compliant
We strictly follow the HIPAA policy about the protection of the patients’ data. We are extra cautious about the security of personal information of people. Special trainings are provided to our staff to comply with the HIPAA standards.

Trained Billing Specialist Team
We have a specialist team who is prepared and affirmed in billing and coding process. They are always updated with the latest trends and rules and regulations about coding and billing.

Quick Turnaround time
To keep up with the revenue cycle, it is imperative to rapidly handle the payments. Our experts guarantee you fast payments by processing and submitting the claims on daily basis.

Fast Denial Tracking and Resolution
Our expert team investigates the exact cause of denial, try to resolve it and the resubmit the claims at the earliest to avoid any further delay.