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Urology Medical Billing Services

Urology is the medical field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the urinary system and the male reproductive system. Urology billing and coding can be difficult and complicated because of certain codes and terminologies. New technologies keep on emerging in the field of urology and the urologists need to be updated with these technologies.  Urology closely overlaps with some specialties including gynecology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology and pediatrics that make it more challenging and distinctive. Specialized and trained experts having much knowledge and expertise are required to handle the complications associated with the urology medical billing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Urology Medical Billing

A Urologist who are busy in providing the health care services to their patients, do not have spare time to perform the billing and coding properly and as a result they might face a loss of revenue. Improper submission of claims will cause a partial of complete denial of claims leading to low revenue generation. Extra billing staff needed to be hired by the urologists to perform coding and billing procedures for them but this would also not be very beneficial because the hired staff will lack expertise that are essential for the maximum reimbursement. Outsourcing the urology billing to some expert medical billing company who has experience of billing and vast knowledge of the urology codes and terms will solve this problem of denials and low revenue generation.

Outsourcing the urology billing will also make the process of billing fast. Timely submission of claims will reduce the delay and minimize the chances of denial. Outsource companies are aware about the latest updates and by outsourcing the billing, it is kept up to date with the new codes and rules and regulations related to billing and coding.

Instant Healthcare Urology Medical Billing Company

Instant Healthcare is one of the leading companies in urology billing that has expertise in Urology coding and billing. We make our customers free from the issues identified with the billing so they can perform their medical duties in a better way. We have an experts team who have experience of billing and an incredible knowledge about most recent billing rule and regulations. We provide services by which our clients can save their time and money at the same time. Instant Healthcare is also HIPAA compliant and strictly follows the rules and regulations by government and other bodies. We offer the best services of urology billing that makes us the most suitable organization in urology billing.

Urology Billing Services Instant Healthcare offers

Instant Healthcare has been dealing with urology billing from last many years. Our clients are satisfied by the services we are offering to them because our services exactly according to their requirements. Below are few of the services we offer.

Instant Healthcare has been dealing with urology billing from last many years. Our clients are satisfied by the services we are offering to them because our services exactly according to their requirements. Below are few of the services we offer.

Patient Data Entry
We offer our clients assistance in the demographic entry of patient’s data. We make sure that the information that is entered is error free and accurate. Data is cross checked for removing any chance of errors.

Eligibility Verification
Once the data is received we ensure the patient’s eligibility for the insurance. Our experts verify the documents that the clients send to us and arrange them according to the requirement of the insurance company.

Coding of the diagnosis and medical procedures is also included in our services. Our expert team is always updated with the latest codes of diagnosis and treatments.

Claims Scrubbing
We have a team of quality check experts that scrubs the claims before submission for eliminating any errors and inconsistencies in the billing codes, so that there is a minimum chance of the claim’s rejection or denial. If any inconsistency is found in the information, then our team reaches the patients to correct the required information.

Processing and Submission of claims
Our experts process the bills and then submit all the collected information to the insurance company once they are completely satisfied that the claim documents are fully ready.

Denial Management Services
If any claims are denied, then our experts get back to the payers to know the reason of the denial. They perform a detailed analysis of the reason, try to remove those errors that caused denial and then resubmit the claim for acceptance.

Billing Reporting
Our team regularly generate the reports and share with the clients. These reports are shared weekly, monthly or at any time when there is requirement by the clients. All the receipts are stored in system for future requirements. Payments are also collected and posted to the accounts of the clients.

Why to choose Us
There are several benefits of outsourcing your urology medical services to Instant Healthcare company. We offer uncompromised quality of services at a very affordable price. Some of the reasons that make us the best are listed below

High Quality Services
We guarantee you high revenue generation by submitting clean and timely claims. This is because of our expert team that submits the claims accurately and error free. This results in the reimbursement of claims in first attempt.

Flexible Pricing Packages
As we have the best services in terms of quality on which we do not compromise, we offer these services at a very flexible and a reasonable rate. Our company is considered to be the most affordable billing company in the medical industry.

HIPAA Compliant security Policy
Instant Healthcare is HIPAA compliant company that strictly adheres with the rules and regulations that are put forward by the HIPAA and other regulatory bodies and the government. We make sure that the patients’ data is completely secure with us and only accessible to the authorized people. Data confidentiality and secrecy is our fore most priority.

Fast Turnaround Time
Our team ensures the fast turnaround time, as we know that timely submission of claims is very important for the completing the billing process successfully. Timely submission will minimize the chance of denial of claims so our team strictly follows the timelines assigned to them.

Expert Team
Instant Healthcare has a vast team that is expert in their field and have all the Knowledge and skills required for the billing and coding services. Regular trainings are arranged for the staff to keep the updated about the latest trends and technologies in the market. They are always updated with new codes of billing. Our team is trained to strictly follow the rules and regulations.