Medical Billing Colorado

Medical billing Services in Colorado

Our Billing Specialists maintain high professional performance standard with the sole goal of maximizing claim reimbursement. To satisfy their chiropractors’ expectations in the face of a demanding coding and billing system, our professionals constantly enhance their ability to reflect “best practices in medical coding and billing.

Our medical billers have decreased the time-consuming and difficult medical billing duties that are ultimately accountable for revenue collection. Our billers’ experience, provider billing methods, so that they may concentrate more time, energy, and resources to providing the best possible patient care. These Billers use technology as well as subject experience in your field to better serve your practice. Their specialization is in:

• Excellent knowledge of fee schedules, Medicaid restrictions, and commercial payer requirements.

• Responding correctly to any billing-related questions from patients

• HIPAA standards and regulations must be followed to ensure correct billing.

With the modern state practice management software, our skilled billers and coders have delivered expert medical billing services. Their expertise in the following services has aided Colorado physicians in lowering expenses and sustaining profitability:

⦁ Claims are submitted online on a daily basis in order to expedite processing.

⦁ Making patient statements

⦁ Complete patient account setup

⦁ Soft collection services that are specialized

⦁ Monthly reports that are both customized and accurate

All of our medical billers will assist you in increasing your revenue. Our Billers’ detailed billing functions might assist you in analyzing your own billing requirements:

⦁ Submit further claims

⦁ Insurance forms and patient statements are scheduled.

⦁ Denials and underpayments are the subject of appeals.

⦁ Reporting on a monthly and weekly basis

Our Understanding

Our medical billing experts have dealt with doctors from a wide range of specialties, including ophthalmology, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We understand the issues that practitioners in various specialties encounter, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collection operations.

What Makes Us Unique

We are not your average billing service. Our senior professionals have experience and educational certifications that you won’t find with other billing service providers. We employ the same management systems and quality improvement approaches used by industry leaders such as GE Healthcare. We use cutting-edge billing tools to validate your claims for potential sources of error, which we then rectify before submitting them to payers. We take pride in our customer service and our ability to provide our clients with great financial results.

Because of flaws in their working practices, not all billing agencies or in-house billers receive each claims that should be collected. We priorities tasks that are actually time-sensitive, such as checking up with payers who have strict filing deadlines. So that they are not sidetracked by other jobs, the specialists who concentrate on your unpaid claims exclusively focus on unpaid claims. As a result, we are able to optimize your collections.

We keep track of almost everything. We know what works and where we can improve, and we are continually striving to improve the service we provide to you and your patients.

We believe that an abundance of caution is worth a hundred pounds of cure and are dedicated to doing things correctly the first time. We have professional auditors and trained coders on staff who are all working toward the same goal: to improve your financial outcomes through quality practices and methods.

We don’t simply submit claims and pray for the best. Rather, we analyze 5 Key Performance Metrics for each client each month, allowing us to discover potential issue areas and take immediate measures much more quickly. When you hire us, you are not only outsource your billing; you will also receive financial intelligence through our complete monthly reports, allowing you to run a more effective and financially-viable practice.

What you can expect from Our Medical Billing Services

Using our service frees up your personnel and other costly administrative resources while also maintaining the financial health of your firm. Our quick service will not only process claim submissions, but will also thoroughly examine them to find any issues that may result in insurance company denial or rejection. In the same way, our Services will manage follow-ups, appeals, and patient calls.

Our Medical Billing Services Offer the Following Benefits:
⦁ Service installation is straightforward.

⦁ Advance reporting.

⦁ Quality Check.

⦁ AR recovery.

⦁ Payment Posting.

⦁ Patient Statement.

⦁ There is no long-term contract in place.

⦁ We only get paid if you get paid.

⦁ Get paid faster

⦁ All payments are made directly to you.

⦁ Reduce the number of claims that are rejected or denied.

⦁ Eliminate all money conversations with patients.

⦁ Avoid cash flow problems.

⦁ Save many hours wasted on phone calls to insurance companies.

⦁ Reduce the amount of time spent practicing.

⦁ Boost your revenue.

How is technology delivering huge services?

We already know that healthcare practitioners are becoming progressively reliant on technology, and that the paper-based factoring technique is becoming obsolete. Our savvy staff see the benefits of automated processes and use them to give our clients with more productive and cost-effective services. Make certain that our Colorado medical billing experts are conversant with both EMR and Practice Management Systems.