Medical Billing Connecticut

Medical Billing Services in Connecticut

Connecticut physicians are constantly looking for competent medical billing experts to manage their billing process. We know our physicians have extensive knowledge, but we also know that the cost of keeping these professionals within the hospital or practice is prohibitively expensive. As a result, there is a rising tendency of looking for expert medical billers. Through our exceptional medical billing services.We can help you in;

• Saving Money

• Generate Income

• Avoid Medical Insurance Denials

• Achieve Streamlined Operations.

We’re Providing Medical Billing Services
We offer competent medical billing services to all types of physician practices. Our skilled billers understand the intricacies of medical billing in Colorado, and we make an effort to stay up to date on changing processes and legislation affecting Colorado providers. Medical billing outsourcing, in addition to assisting healthcare practitioners in reducing expenses and payer denials, lowers personnel costs and minimizes human resource issues. Our experienced billers are here to help you reach your medical billing objectives.We specialize in the following medical billing services:

• Entirely expenses are entered into the database.

• Submission of claims to primary and secondary insurers via both electronic and paper means

• Amateur claim tracking and follow-up

• Patient statements are being prepared.

• Posting of payments

• Billing report customization

• Keeping your practice up to date with payer fee schedules

Why Choose Us?

We offer medical billing solutions to physicians, medium and big hospitals, as well as individual and group practices. Our medical billing expert has a comprehensive solution to increase your practice’s performance and increase the clinical aspects of every patient visit.

• Management of Accounts Receivable

• 99% Primary Bill Pass Rate Secondary Insurance Billing Restoration of Old Account Receivables

• Processing of Insurance and Patient Reimbursement in Response to Referral and Authorization

• Comprehensive Coverage Following Up

• Compilation and mailing of patient statements

• Assessment and Management of Denials

• All claims that have been denied or have received a low payment are eligible for an appeal.

• Comprehensive claim follow-up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All billing and claims processing information is securely accessible online.

• Claim processing in real time.

How We Provides Solutions?

Poorly performing accounts payable or collections, as well as claims rejection, are the most typical issues faced by physicians in major cities. Both of these scenarios, along with other faults, may result in lower revenue. Our expert’s medical billers solve these issues by streamlining denial handling and providing services including such integrated health care billing with EMR, as well as several additional value-added services such as mailing patient statements and submitting refunds to Medicaid in order to protect your practice from RAC audits.

As a doctor, it can be tough to keep up with all of the changes in the law affecting your practice. This is where our hospital billing specialists’ skills and experience might come in handy. Payers appear to be in the business of denying claims and can possibly make errors at your cost. Although the new HIPAA rules would make the process more efficient, the number of patient-doctor interactions would rise in the future, making it hard to extract time for code, billing, claim rejection, and Compliance issues. Our specialized medical billers and coders can guarantee that your practice not only thrives but also remains Compliant.

Our Specialties

Our Colorado medical billing experts have worked with physicians in a wide range of specialties, including optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We understand the issues that providers in a variety of specialties encounter, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collection practices.

Count on our Medical Billing Experts for Practice Growth.

Medical billing isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. It can be tough to find the correct medical billing professionals who understand your practice, specialty, and billing requirements. Our medical billing professionals can provide advice on

• Medical billing

• Reimbursement Posting

• Denial Management

• Payable Accounts.

Our specialists will provide advice on Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, billing procedures, and health records.

We employed technology to satisfy you.

We recognize the increasingly widespread use of technology by healthcare providers and the factoring procedure on paper is declining. Our eagled-eye experts realize the benefits of automated procedures and we take use of them in order to provide our customers with more productive and cost-efficient services. Either EMR or Practice Management System, be confident that our Colorado medical billing professionals have experienced with that as well.