Medical Billing Florida

Medical Billing Services in Florida

We are here to give the best Medical Billing Services to its customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality, compliance, honesty, and ethical values. Our objective is to not only reduce money on billing services, but also to increase claim returns without compromising service or patient monitoring.

By offering a full variety of medical billing services, we successfully turn medical services into monetary payments. We offer Medical Billing Services to a wide range of practices.We have the expertise, people, software, and subject knowledge to handle your particular medical billing manager needs.Our skilled Medical Billing Professionals, Coders, Callers, Analysts, cutting-edge infrastructure, and processes cover the whole spectrum of medical billing services, including patient demographics, charge entry, claims submission, payment posting, and insurance company follow-up.

What Makes Us Unique?

We specialize in practice management and medical billing. We have successfully provided customized medical billing and healthcare IT solutions to physicians and healthcare groups all throughout the country.

How can we assist you?

Our services are designed to maximize your reimbursements while providing you more time to provide the best possible patient care. We offer our services around the country and have extensive experience with all major specialties.

Consultation Proposal

You can anticipate to boost your revenue while decreasing your medical billing expenses when you work with us. Please contact us to explore a customized solution for your practice.

Our Medical Billing services Include:
• Demographics Entry

• Charge Entry

• Medical Coding

• Electronic & Paper Claims Filing

• Payment, Cash & Charge Posting

• A/R Analysis

• Real Time Reporting

• Patient / Insurer Follow-up

• Denial Review and Management

• Physician Credentialing

• Appealing- Appeal of all low paid and denial claims

• Eligibility and Benefits verifications

The Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services
• Quick response time

• Claims Submission that is clean and Error-Free

• Reduce your billing costs by up to 50%.

• Accelerate Reimbursement Durations

• Increase your cash flow and generating revenue.

• Accounts Receivables Acceleration

• 100% reduction in denials and rejected requests

• Office Environment for HIPAA Compliance

Key Differentiators
• Technology

• Quality

• Specialties

• Benefits

• Medical Coding

Our Process

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop a completely customized medical billing solution that streamlines practice operations and alleviates bottlenecks in practice operations, maximizing collections and shortening the billing cycle.Our knowledgeable Medical Billing Implementation Specialists will collaborate with you to assess your specific requirements and provide you with a customized solution. We understand the challenges that come with running a medical practice’s business. Our company is based on addressing those issues for physicians and medical facilities. We have knowledgeable, experienced billing teams dedicated to each step of the billing process.

You can concentrate on caring for your patients, knowing that your medical billing is in capable hands.

We work in the following ways:

To address every intricacy connected with medical billing, we deliver our medical billing solutions using a combination of skilled employees and technology.

The security of the patient’s information is of the utmost importance to us, and we ensure complete information security compliance. We take extensive security precautions to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive patient data.

Your billing processes will continue to be transparent and under your control. To manage the billing process, our staff connects remotely to a terminal at your location. Your data is kept at your location and is never sent overseas.

Our Specialties
Our Colorado medical billing experts have worked with physicians in a wide range of specialties, including optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy. We understand the issues that providers in a variety of specialties encounter, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collection practices.

We employed technology to satisfy you.
We recognize the increasingly widespread use of technology by healthcare providers and the factoring procedure on paper is declining. Our eagled-eye experts realize the benefits of automated procedures and we take use of them in order to provide our customers with more productive and cost-efficient services. Either EMR or Practice Management System, be confident that our Colorado medical billing professionals have experienced with that as well.