Medical Billing Hawaii

Medical Billing Services in Hawaii

Medical Billing of Hawaii is a full-service medical billing company with a fully integrated receivables management system.

It’s critical to entrust the management of your practice’s receivables to a seasoned and capable medical biller and billing service. We provide billing management services with expertise, dedication, and proficiency. We provide the quality and professionalism you expect, as well as the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Our team of specialists has over 15 years of combined medical billing and coding experience, and with that experience comes our commitment and dedication to providing the best of our knowledge to help your practice increase revenue.

Why are we here?

Medical Billing of Hawaii, LLC is dedicated to providing prompt and accurate billing and accounts receivable services. We are committed to conducting our business with the utmost integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We take HIPAA compliance seriously, which is why we hire a professional service to conduct a yearly Security Risk Assessment, which may aid in MIPS quality payment program attestation. Encryption is used for all PHI and sensitive emails. Our billing specialists must complete and pass a yearly HIPAA, Confidentiality, and Security Risk training course in order to be certified.

Our products and services

Medical Billing of Hawaii will take care of the cash flow issues and expenses that come with employee turnover and inefficient billing.

Our services will save you money on staffing costs such as hiring, training, benefits, and payroll taxes.

Charge Review of Registration Data and Quality of Claim Entry Credentialing

Claim Submissions

  • Posting of Payments and Remittances
  • Appeals
  • Statements from Patients
  • Inquiries about patient billing
  • Reports that are comprehensive
  • Updates to the Fee Schedule on a Yearly Basis
  • Integration of our practice management software with the electronic medical record
  • Using a qualified registry to submit MIPS reports

What we'll do to help you

Because Hawaii’s healthcare system differs from that of most inland states, finding knowledgeable and experienced billers is extremely difficult. Our billers have banded together to bridge the gap between the demand for medical billers and coding in Hawaii and the supply of medical billers and coders.

They work to improve your cash flow by following up when necessary to ensure that you get paid on time.

In the state of Hawaii, our billers are trained to service medical practices in accordance with state regulations. Years of effort in perfecting medical billing procedures have given them the knowledge and experience they now use to help your practice collect more revenue.

Physicians in Hawaii can only support the federal government’s effort to reduce healthcare costs by lowering costs and increasing revenue. Allowing a specialist to handle your medical billing can increase your collections by 20%.

The basis on which these billers in Hawaii guarantee higher profitability for your clinic is accurate coding and code audit, as well as timely insurance, follow-up, and account receivables. Their knowledge of different software and certification in medical billing processes will help your practice grow steadily.

Our Software

We recognize that technology adoption in healthcare settings is increasing, and that paper billing processes are becoming increasingly rare. Our medical billers in Hawaii understand the value of automated processes, and we employ them to provide our clients with more efficient and cost-effective services. Rest assured that our medical billing experts in Hawaii have worked with whatever EMR or Practice Management system your practice uses.

Medical Billing Specialties in Hawaii

Optometry, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine, and physical therapy are just a few of the specialties where our medical billing experts in Hawaii have worked. We understand the challenges faced by providers in a variety of specialties, and we have the skills and tools to assist them in improving their medical billing and collections processes.