Medical Billing Indiana

Medical Billing Services in Kentucky

Our medical billers and coders in Kentucky have earned the trust of Kentucky doctors for years by providing not only excellent medical billing skills but also top-notch medical billing consultations as well.

These Kentucky-based billers priorities the needs of the medical practice over their own financial interests. Each of Kentucky’s major cities has a biller working for us. Our billers are located all over the state, from Louisville to Lexington to Owensboro to Bowling Green. They are well-versed in their work and adhere to strict deadlines when completing all medical billing processes.

What makes us special?

Making the right choice in a billing service is critical. In addition to helping your practice become more efficient, our medical billers and coders are well-versed in a wide range of Practice Management Systems, which means they can maximize your practice’s revenue. Your practice will continue to grow as a result of IHC expertise in various EMR/EHR systems and certification in medical billing procedures

Our knowledge of the subject

You’ll be able to assess their specialization with their knowledge of the following areas of expertise:

  • Patient demographics are entered here.
  • CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding
  • Manual and electronic payment posting
  • Follow-up on receivables
  • Examining denials and rejection
  • Keeping track of changes to the Fee Schedule
  • Eligibility Benefits verification
  • Submission of insurance claims can be done electronically or manually.
  • Obtaining authorization from all transport companies

What we are providing

If you’re looking for cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions for medical billing in Kentucky, our medical billers can help you identify any billing errors your practice may be experiencing while also reviewing reports on accounts receivables for any existing aging outstanding claims. As required by Kentucky law, our billers in the state are trained specifically to service medical practices. They’ve learned a lot over the years by perfecting medical billing procedures, and they’re now using that knowledge to help your practice make more money.

These billers in Kentucky ensure greater profitability for your clinic by providing accurate coding and code audits, as well as timely insurance follow-up and account receivables. Having knowledge of different software and medical billing certification will help your practice grow.

Why working with our medical billers has its advantages

Our continuous auditing of coding and demographic recording helps prevent errors such as missed charges, and we work with your staff to train them and advise them on proper coding procedures.

Any piece of software, any kind of assertion

When working with IHC, you are not required to use specific billing software. Instead, we’ll work with whatever software you and your team are most comfortable with at the time. Without charging you anything extra, we can also file paper claims. We also deal with claims relating to occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation.

Submission of Claims and Review

The following business day is the deadline for processing claims that come into our office after hours. Every claim is examined by an experienced account specialist who makes use of the most up-to-date medical coding software. To ensure that every claim we file is accurate and in compliance, our team pays close attention to the smallest details and instantly checks and cross-references every claim with the most recent coding procedures.

Continual Monitoring and Evaluation

IHC Medical Billing stands out from the crowd thanks to our unwavering commitment to customer service and attention to detail. Due to the ease of collection, some medical billing services focus their collection efforts primarily on the initial electronic claim filing. Although this marks the beginning of our work, it is only the beginning.