Medical Billing Kansas

Medical Billing Services in Kansas

A lot of work goes into running a medical practice in Kansas and maintaining an efficient medical billing department. It’s easier for you and your front desk to focus on patient care and accurate medical documentation when you outsource billing services.

Instant Healthcare Medical Billing Kansas billing services can make your practice more efficient and profitable by improving your revenue cycle, regardless of whether you are a primary care physician or run a hospital, emergency room, or specialty practice.

To learn more about what we have to offer
  • Our Medical Billing helps you manage your entire revenue cycle, from the time your patient walks through the door to the time you receive payment for your medical services. You’ll be able to find our medical billers all over Kansas in major cities like Wichita and Topeka. They’re also in Lawrence and Manhattan.
  • Reimbursement is only possible with the help of medical coding. When an insurance company rejects a claim because of an error, it can lead to an extended resubmission process and a delay in payment.
  • Take advantage of our Kansas medical coding experts’ combined 25 years of experience to improve your financial results.
  • A well-managed accounts receivables process helps companies get paid on time, improves collection rates, and speeds up the invoice processing process, all of which contribute to their bottom-line profits.
  • Verifying a patient’s insurance eligibility is the first and, arguably, the most important step in the billing procedure. Your service provider must be proactive to ensure that all eligibility information is obtained and recorded correctly.
Getting Rid of Medical Billing Fraud in Kansas
  • Our revenue cycle audit services extend to Kansas’ health care providers as well. When it comes to clean-up billing, Right Medical Billing is known for finding the root of your revenue cycle’s issues that impact your profits.
  • We often find the root of your problems on the first day of revenue cycle auditing. We’ll figure out what’s wrong with your revenue cycle and devise a strategy to keep it from happening again.
  • By providing quality eligibility verification services in Kansas, we hope to reduce non-covered services denials, increase revenue at the time of service, save time on the back end, as well as improve patient satisfaction. This will help us prevent payment delays. RMB’s medical accounts receivable program solves the issues that slow down individual providers’ collection efforts. RMB assigns a Kansas-based team to follow up on these accounts. As collectors, we use medical billing professionals with extensive experience and training.
Our medical coders and billers are dedicated to helping you make more money by providing the following services:
  • Accounting Coordination and evaluation of data
  • Management of accounts receivable
  • Entering charges and submitting claims
  • Following up on denied claims after payment has been posted
  • Answering Patient Questions Quickly and Effectively
Experience with Software in Our Company

In healthcare settings, technology adoption is increasing, and paper-based billing processes are being phased out. Because our Kansas medical billers appreciate automated processes, we put them to work for our clients, making our services more productive and affordable. Rest assured that our medical billing experts in Kansas have dealt with whatever EMR or Practice Management system your practice uses.

Specialties in Kansas Medical Billing

Many of our Kansas medical billing specialists have worked with doctors in a wide range of specialties, including optometry and family practice. Regardless of a provider’s specialty, we understand the challenges they face when it comes to medical billing and collections. That’s why we’re here to assist them.

Benefits and Services for Denial Management
  • Minimize billing and coding inaccuracies
  • Examining the Charges Schedule
  • Verification of Eligibility and Benefits
  • Patients’ Concerns – Toll-Free Support 7 Days a Week
  • Expertise in the use of computer software. We work together with your EMR/EHR to achieve your goals.
  • Always-on AR Calling Process: Get Paid More and More Quickly
  • Increase the amount of time you spend providing patient care.
  • Save money on office hardware and software.
  • Minimize billing and coding inaccuracies
  • The most recent innovations in medical coding and reimbursement
  • Dedicated Billing Group