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Medical Billing Services in Indiana

Medical billing company in Indiana with a customizable workflow, proven expertise, and round-the-clock customer service. With our help, you can increase efficiency and lower medical billing costs.

Instant Health care is one of the best medical billing companies in the industry, offering end-to-end revenue cycle management as well as multi-specialty billing. We are a full-service healthcare solutions company that provides medical billing services and solutions for every stage of your practice’s lifecycle, from start-up to retirement.

Our medical billing services are flexible enough to meet your changing needs, whether you’re focusing on increasing patient volume, recovering declining revenues, or looking for financial stability for the future of healthcare.

Why should you choose us?

The importance of selecting the right billing service cannot be overstated. Our medical billers and coders can help your practice run more efficiently by utilizing the best methods for maximizing the use of your EMR. Their knowledge of various Practice Management Systems can also help your practice collect more money. We have expertise in a variety of EMR/EHR systems, as well as certification in medical billing processes, which will help your practice grow steadily.

What we’ll give you

  • Acceptance of 98 percent of claims
  • Reduction of AR by 33%
  • Reach Across the United States
  • RCM Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
  • HIPAA-compliant to the nth degree
  • Coding Accuracy of 99.9%

Our products and services Meet You’re your Practice Needs, We Provide Customized and Specialized Services

We streamline your practice, free you from financial worries, and handle all of your billing issues. We go over your specific requirements and develop a tailored and specialized strategy to meet them. Each claim is pre-verified by our billers in order to determine whether the claim is eligible for coverage. Our team’s use of accurate codes and real-time claim submission increases the reimbursement rate when claims are submitted for the first time. Our claim success rate is 96 percent on the first proposal, which is very high compared to other medical billing companies.

Services that are efficient, dependable, and enhanced

We are adept at dealing with the challenges that practitioners face in maintaining a steady cash flow. We provide comprehensive services for a single fee to meet all of your requirements. Patient demographic entry, prior insurance verification, on-time electronic claim submission with accurate codes, revenue cycle management, denial management, appealing for delayed and refused claims, account reconciliation, provision of medical and financial reports, account receivable management, and payments posting are just a few of our outstanding services.

Credentialing and Practice Management for Services for Providers

Whether it’s the process of provider credentialing or the management of medical billing of any size or specialty, we are always here to help. To get your license and make your practice legal, our team completes all of the paperwork required for enrollment with government and private insurance companies as well as authoritative organizations. In comparison to others, outsourcing with us will provide you with complete comprehensive service packages at flexible low rates.

Revenue Cycle Management as a Whole

From practitioner enrolment to bill collection, we’ve created a complete revenue cycle. All necessary steps for collecting money for claims submitted are carefully followed to ensure maximum payment on the first try. Our billers and coders take care of all unpaid, underpaid, and unrecognized bills to ensure that they are fully reimbursed. Each provider has access to a variety of payment options, including flexible payment plans, online payment options, and virtual access to their practice account. We handle all of your financial and administrative tasks for you, ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum while revenues are maximized.

Get Paid More Frequently

As health care facilities have become a basic requirement for humans to survive, faster compensation for physician services is required for successful health care practice. We’ve checked our track record for timely and complete reimbursement of claims, and we’re ready to move forward. Our automated system aids in the billing process, allowing you to be paid sooner. RBS detects errors automatically and our team handles them quickly in order to get you paid faster. Outsourcing to Instant Healthcare means simplifying the billing process, accelerating revenue collection, and successfully growing your practice.

Best Solution Provider: Instant Healthcare

We work with all types of practices, whether they are a solo, group, or employed physicians. Cardiology, oncology, physical therapy, internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, gynecology, dentistry, dermatology, and other specialties are among the services we provide. We place a high value on quality and never compromise on it.

To Serve You, We Have a Certified, Motivated, and Expert Team

We have a team of expert billers and coders who are certified, motivated, and dedicated. Our billers and coders are in charge of your practice’s entire medical billing, from claim submission to timely payment. We will handle all financial issues for your practice, so you won’t have to hire professional employees. We start at the beginning, reduce your responsibilities, and exceed your expectations. Our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable in the field of coding. They stay informed about new and upcoming advancements in the industry.

Services of High Quality When it’s combined with cutting-edge technology, it’s a winning combination.

We ensure that your practice in Indiana receives high-quality billing services. We examine the process of providing health care, identify billing issues, submit clean claims with accurate codes and complete transparency, and obtain the maximum reimbursement for your services in the shortest time possible. In today’s world, technological advancements also play an important role in medical billing. The claims are processed electronically by our integrated system. An automated rule-based scrubber detects errors. The current account situation can be viewed and reconciled as needed. Payment and appointment reminders can be sent to patients and insurance companies via automated reminders. Medical and financial reports are also generated on a regular basis to track the progress of the practice.

Medical Billing Services in Indiana that are fully equipped. RCM Services are available around the clock.

By allowing you to focus on your patients, our certified medical billing specialists will improve the quality of your service. You can delegate all billing concerns to us. We are the biller of choice for your practice because of our flexibility in billing professionals and institutions. First and foremost, our Indiana medical billing company employs a skilled team of medical billers and coders. Our team is also technologically capable of managing the revenue cycle and streamlining the billing process. In other words, this will assist you in obtaining complete reimbursement without delays or denials. Above all, clinical notes are reviewed by our experienced and certified medical coders.

The Advantages of Using Our Billing Services

  • Get paid more quickly and for a longer period of time.
  • Participate in more patient-centered activities.
  • Save money on your office’s hardware and software.
  • Eliminate the possibility of billing and coding errors.
  • Techniques for coding and reimbursement that are up to date
  • Dedicated Billing Team
  • Support & Services for Denial Management
  • Eliminate the possibility of billing and coding errors.
  • Analysis of the FEE Schedule
  • Verification of Eligibility and Benefits
  • Toll-Free Support for Patients 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Expertise in software. We collaborate with your EMR/EHR system.
  • AR Calling Process is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week