Medical Billing Louisiana

Medical Billing Services in Louisiana

By outsourcing the coding and billing process to a Louisiana medical billing company, Louisiana healthcare providers can concentrate on patient care. Managing a medical practice has never been more difficult in terms of paperwork and logistics. A medical biller works with you as an equal partner in your practice. Medical billing companies handle a large portion of healthcare billing tasks and are critical to your medical practice if you are based in Louisiana or use a national provider. So that Louisiana’s doctors and other healthcare providers won’t have to deal with the tedious tasks of managing a wide range of patient information. The search for a company capable of handling billing duties has long been a problem for suppliers. Home-based medical billing can help you with coding/billing tasks even if your budget is tight and your data set is small. Medical billing service providers are the way to go if you have a larger budget and want additional value-added services. The software and practice management services a medical practice chooses can make or break its success. Medical billing services in Louisiana can be compared side by side with national and local software and cloud services.


What to look for when selecting a medical billing company

Among the best in the business when it comes to rates, collection returns, and first-pass success. Medical billing success is essential to the growth and profitability of your medical practice. It’s important to find a medical billing partner who can give you the peace of mind you need while also helping you maximize your revenue and billing success. The right medical billing partner helps you get paid and frees you up to focus on your practice and patients. Serving all of Louisiana’s medical practices, regardless of size or specialty.

Our mission

In order to provide our healthcare professionals with a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house billing office, Accurate Medical Billing has committed to providing the same benefits and services without the overhead and time constraints associated with housing, managing, payrolling, and insuring a full-time staff of professionals.

Our primary objective

All money owed to our Providers must be collected from all sources, including insurance companies and patients alike. This is our ultimate goal. The services we provide are fully compensated because we work closely with our Providers.

The Revenue Cycle Management You Can Count On

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the payer and regulatory requirements. Costly infrastructure is required to improve quality and reduce errors, making it prohibitive for a solo practitioner trying to make a living.

Our billing experts at Instant Healthcare Medical Billing assist you in the following ways when you use our medical billing services:
  • Boost your cash flow by increasing your collection rates.
  • Cut back on the amount of money you’re spending on administration
  • Maximize savings by eliminating the need to bill internally
  • Address Compliance
  • Reduce the number of denials
Our Products and Services

New Approaches to Billing

Upon receipt of a claim from IHC, the insurance companies are notified within 12 hours and the claim is submitted. Decreasing the time it takes to complete a transaction and increasing the flow of cash into your practice

The Receivables Account

Our account receivable management software keeps track of claim status and provides a dashboard view for quick and easy account management. A HIPAA-compliant, password-protected web portal lets you view reports on your practice’s accounts receivable.

Denial-Based Strategy

They’ve met their match with denied claims! We can correct claims before they reach the payer thanks to our cutting-edge system. Even when insurance companies deny your claims, our Denial and Appeals Specialist will work hard and smart to get your money.

Statements from Patients

For late payments, we send statements and Coordination of Benefits requests once a month. When it comes to payment arrangements, our staff is here to help. Your patients can contact us if they have any questions about their insurance benefits or unpaid balances by calling the number listed on their statements.


Multi-payer Patient Eligibility is included as part of our practice management system at no additional cost. This gives your employees the ability to check with payers in real-time on copay and deductible amounts.

Benefits of working with the US

You’ll always know exactly what’s going on in your practice and where your finances stand with easy-to-access reporting and dashboards.


For new providers or those who need to update their credentials with payers, we have you covered. IHC can enroll the provider in NPI, create a CAQH, manage applications, and enroll all payers in EFT/ERA.


IHC is fully compliant with HIPAA and helps our clients with the Office of Attorney General’s Compliance Procedures.

Some of the Best Billing Solutions We Offer

IHC provides a wide range of service options to meet the needs of all of our customers. Financial management can be made simpler and more efficient by using one of these services. Due to this, we put our clients’ needs first and work hard to find the best solutions.

There are five distinct categories in which we provide exceptional customer service:

Medicaid/MCO Appeals & Recovery for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Billing by Doctors  & Facilities Urgent Care Center Billing

When it comes to increasing profits, cutting costs, and improving patient satisfaction, the best medical billing company is Instant Healthcare. We can help you improve your financial situation and streamline your medical billing system because we have the necessary training and experience.