Medical Billing Maine

Medical Billing Services in Maine

Physician practices can rely on Instant Healthcare for expert coding and billing services. Our billing staff is well-versed in Maine billing regulations. We make certain that we are up to date on changing procedures and legislation affecting Maine providers.

Our Maine medical billing specialists have worked with physicians of various specialties. We understand the challenges that providers in a variety of specialties face, and we have the skills and knowledge to assist them in improving their collections.

Why Instant Healthcare?

Our outsourced medical billing services will lower denials, employee costs, and human resource issues. Whether you want professionals to handle your entire medical billing process or just a portion of it, our expert billers in Maine are here to help you reach your medical billing objectives. Contact us today to learn how we can help your medical practice or organization increase its collections. There are numerous advantages to entrusting your medical billing to Instant Healthcare. By outsourcing to Instant Healthcare, you not only save money on overhead but also bring your practice into long-term profitability.

What we are offering

Our Medical Billing will provide you with the peace of mind that everything is being done to collect the revenue you have earned as soon as possible. We become intimately acquainted with your practice and have a vested interest in its success.

While other billing services may only make a limited number of attempts to collect past-due accounts, IHC Medical Billing will make every effort to collect payments from insurance companies and patients. IHC is committed to following up on ALL outstanding claims, regardless of charge or reimbursement, until payment or processing is finally resolved.

Medical billing services provided by us are tailored to your specific requirements

We streamline your practice, free you from financial worries, and handle all of your unique billing issues. We go over your specific requirements and then create a customized and specialized approach based on your specific desires. Prior verification of every billable claim is performed by our medical billing experts in order to investigate insurance eligibility. Accurate coding and real-time claim submission with the assistance of our team increase the likelihood of prompt reimbursement. Our first-time claim submission success rate is 98 percent.

Services that are efficient, dependable, and enhanced

We deal securely with the challenges that practitioners face as a result of the sparkling cash drift. We offer comprehensive services for your practice at very reasonable prices. Our excellent services include patient demographic admission, prior insurance verification, on-time digital claim submission with accurate codes, revenue management cycle, and denial control, appealing for behind-the-scenes and refused claims, debt reconciliation, scientific and financial reviews, and account receivable management, and payments posting.

Credentialing of Providers and Practice Management

We are usually here to assist you, whether it is a provider credentialing system or the development of office control and economic assistance. Our team completes all of the documentation required for your enrollment with the government, personal insurers, and authoritative companies in order to obtain your license and legalize your practice. Our services include workplace progress assistance, tax supervision, monetary evaluation, settlement negotiation, administrative assistance, and documentation, among other things. Outsourcing with us will provide you with a fully comprehensive offering package at a very low cost in comparison to others.

Revenue Cycle Management Company

We created a complete revenue cycle, from patient enrollment to payment recovery. To dispose of the money leakages, all critical steps of accumulating cash for the claims submitted are taken precisely. Our billers and coders diligently manage all unpaid, underpaid, and unrecognized payments to ensure complete remuneration. Flexible payment plans, online payment, and virtual access to view account scenarios are also available. We handle all financial and administrative tasks for you, and by increasing sales, we reduce our fees.

Get Paid More Quickly

Quicker reimbursement for services provided by physicians is critical for the successful fitness of health care practice. We proceed now that we have validated the tuning record of faster and complete reimbursement of claims. Our automated mechanism greatly aids the billing system in getting you paid as soon as possible. Errors are detected robotically by RBS and treated quickly and carefully by our staff to obtain faster reimbursement for you. Outsourcing to Instant Healthcare will simplify the billing process, accelerate revenue collection, and effectively develop your exercise.

Our Best Solution for Individual and Large Practices

We serve all types of practices, whether they are a solo, group, or hired physicians. Cardiology, oncology, internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, gynecology, dentistry, dermatology, and other specialties are all catered for. Quality is our guiding principle, and we never compromise on it. Otherwise, we address each class of medication in accordance with the needs of specific specialties.

Staff with certification, purpose, and expertise

We have a team of expert billers and coders who are qualified, refreshed, and dedicated. Our billers and coders are charged for your practice’s entire financial cycle, from declaring to being paid on your behalf. You don’t need to hire any more employees to handle your financial issues because we do it for you. We begin with the basics, reduce your responsibilities, and exceed your expectations. Our workforce is well-educated and well-versed in coding. They stay up to date on new and upcoming industry enhancements.

Quality Services and Cutting-Edge Technology

We guarantee an exceptional billing solution for your Maine practice. We assess the process of turning in fitness care, identify billing issues, file clean claims with correct codes and complete transparency, and obtain maximum compensation for your services in the shortest amount of time. Nowadays, technological advancement is critical in scientific billing. The claims are processed electronically by our incorporated device. The exact account scenario can be viewed and reconciled at any time and from any location. Patients and insurance companies can be sent automated reminders about bills and appointments.

Compliance improved and revenues increased

We guarantee increased revenue generation with clinical billing centers designed to meet your financial needs. Increase compliance by utilizing our outsourcing services as we assist your practice in overcoming any fraud, abuse, or audit objections. We follow HIPAA and other regulatory legal guidelines that are applicable in Maine. The software we use has been developed in accordance with compliance guidelines and is kept up to date as new regulations are developed and approved across the country.

Advantages of collaborating with our medical billers

Auditing and Education

To avoid errors such as missed charges, we continuously audit coding, demographic recording, and so on, and work with your staff to provide training and advice on proper coding and procedures.

Any piece of software, any claim

IHC does not require your office to use any specific billing software. Rather, we use whatever software you and your team prefer. We also file paper claims at no extra charge. We also handle occupational and workers’ compensation claims.

Submission and Evaluation of Claims

When claims arrive at our office, they are processed the next business day. Every claim is reviewed by an experienced account specialist who uses cutting-edge medical coding software. Our team pays close attention to detail, ensuring that every claim is instantly checked and cross-referenced against the most recent coding procedures, ensuring that every claim we file is accurate and compliant.

Follow-up is thorough.

IHC Medical Billing truly distinguishes itself from the competition through our dedicated follow-up and customized service. Because it is the simplest to collect, some medical billing services focus their efforts primarily on the initial electronic claim filing. Precision, on the other hand, is just getting started.