Medical Billing Maryland

Medical Billing Services in Maryland

Our medical billers in Iowa have reduced the providers’ time-consuming and tedious medical billing tasks while improving clinical documentation accuracy and increasing revenue collection. Our biller and coders’ experience in streamlining billing procedures for Iowa providers has allowed physicians and their staff to devote more time, energy, and resources to providing the best possible patient care. These billers use technology as well as domain expertise in your specialty to provide better service to your practice.

Why Instant Healthcare?
  • In the United States, there are over 7,000 medical billing companies. When it comes to outsourcing medical billing, keep the following in mind when considering Instant Healthcare.
  • Uses best-of-breed technology to provide world-class billing and medical billing support and service from “the company next door”;
  • It has a track record of delivering massive increases in billing performance, with the majority of clients seeing collections increase by more than 15%. (And often greater than 20 percent). This increase in the collection is usually accompanied by a reduction in AR days to under 40 (and frequently under 35).
  • We have in place the medical billing industry’s only service level guarantee that can give you true peace of mind regarding your medical billing outsourcing decision; Provides you with an incredible team that includes not only talented medical billing specialists, but also trained process engineers, technology experts, and medical professionals;
Our knowledge and experience

We bring a powerful combination of local knowledge and experience and nationwide coverage to your practice. This enables us to apply knowledge gained outside of Iowa to better serve your practice. Because many changes that will eventually affect Iowa begin in other states, this can serve as an “early warning” system. Furthermore, uncovering payer issues that go beyond your practice but also beyond your state strengthens our ability to fight the insurance company for your money.

Our medical billers provide a variety of services
  • Fee schedules, Medicaid, and commercial payer regulations are all well-understood.
  • Responding to all billing questions from patients in a timely manner
  • To ensure accurate billing, HIPAA rules and regulations must be followed.
  • Keeping administrative costs low and ensuring prompt reimbursement.
Benefits of Medical Billing Services
  • RCM all-in-one solution
  • Client satisfaction is important.
  • Procedures and charges that are transparent
  • Personalized service
  • Expertise in a variety of fields
  • Compliant with HIPPA
Why should you choose us?

Working with a medical billing company that is familiar with Iowa medical billing gives your medical practice or facility a significant advantage. Medical billing services in Iowa that have knowledge and experience with medical billing:

Demonstrate knowledge of local payers such as Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation.

  • We have established direct lines of communication with representatives from larger payers who deal with Iowa medical billing issues (for example, Medicare and Cigna). Instant Healthcare can more quickly resolve your medical billing issues thanks to these direct lines of communication.
  • We have knowledge of and experience with Iowa-specific rules and regulations that govern medical billing. When calling patients about their medical claim balances, for example, Iowa’s clean claim laws can be used to deal with slow payers, and it’s critical to understand Iowa’s consumer collection laws.
  • It gives the idea of how to enroll with Iowa payers such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as how to deal with claim format issues for local payers. Instant healthcare already has clients in Iowa, so we’ve already taken care of all of your issues.
Instant Healthcare offers medical billing services to help you with your medical billing issues

Medical billing issues can be resolved quickly with Instant Healthcare Medical Claims Services. We accomplish this by combining best-of-breed technology, world-class process design, and an unrivaled team of experienced medical billing professionals. The following are some of the most common billing solutions we offer to our clients:

Instant Payment Program

Instant healthcare does this by offering the industry’s only nationwide Instant Payment Program, which eliminates the time between patient encounters and insurance payments. Clients who participate in our Instant Payment Program receive the money within 24 to 48 hours of a patient encounter. Typically doubling or tripling the funds available to the practice for growth, bonuses, and other purposes, removing the days of worrying about AR.

Benefits of Working with Us

Billing Solutions

In less than a week, I was able to set up a billing solution. We can quickly resolve issues like the loss of a key billing employee or the discovery that claims have not been submitted for weeks with our Expedited Billing Solutions. We can get your practice up and running again in no time. When combined with our Instant Payment Program billing solution, this can be extremely effective.

Taking back control of a mismanaged billing operation

Our Medical Services have a proven track record of quickly resolving issues that have put practices in situations where their AR has gotten out of hand and large amounts of potential revenue/collections have been lost. With our billing solutions, our typical client will see a 10% to 25% increase in collections and a reduction in days in arrears to under 45 days.

Getting rid of in-house billing employees’ trials and tribulations

Every practice understands how difficult it is to find, train, and retain excellent medical billing staff. A key employee (or multiple key employees) will frequently leave just as the billing process is getting under control; often with less than a two-week notice. Our billing services help practices reduce their reliance on a small group of medical billers. Our Medical Claims Services removes the risk of distortion caused by the departure of billing employees with over 100 employees, a team-based account service approach, and cross-training on all accounts and skills.

Lowering the cost of medical billing, often dramatically

The majority of practices are paying far more for their medical billing solution than they need to (whether it be in-house or outsourced). Our Medical Claims Services can typically reduce the cost of a practice’s medical billing solution while also increasing collections by 10% to 25%. Our billing solution eliminates the costs and hassles of data entry, follow-up, patient phone calls, and other aspects of the medical billing process for our clients.

Providing new medical practices and facilities with a reliable medical billing solution

.We can assist you with all aspects of the medical billing and collections process and setup, including credentialing and contracting, training your front-desk office staff, providing a world-class billing solution, billing and scheduling software, and providing an EMR. Furthermore, Our Medical Claims Services offers the industry’s only Service Level Guarantee.

Providing a tried-and-true EMR without the need for large upfront investment or a long-term contract

As part of our billing solution, our Medical Claims Services provides a proven EMR. Physicians have praised our EMR, which has all of the features that most practices require. You will receive customized EMR and office training as part of our service. All of this is included in our billing services. If you like Our EMR, you should continue to use it. If you don’t like our EMR, you can stop using it and find a new one. The only difference is that you didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on it. Consider it an intelligent EMR road test.