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Cardiology Medical Billing Services for your Practice

Cardiology is quite difficult and sensitive medical field. New technologies keep on emerging in the field of cardiology. It is important to understand and adapt the medical billings related to these new technologies and the codes that keep on changing. Cardiologists do their job under multiple sensitive conditions and an intensive care is required to the patients. They also have to perform several complicated procedures. In such scenarios the cardiologists need to be free from any sort of tension related to billing. Another feature of the cardiology is that it is a costly field as compared to the others, and if the billing is not done properly then there is a chance of high loss of revenue. It is very important that the coding and billing is done by a well experienced team who can handle the claims efficiently and minimize any chances of error that may cause rejection of claims. The best solution is to outsource the cardiology medical billing department to an outsource company.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Cardiology Medical Billing

The benefits that can be obtained by outsourcing the cardiology billing services to Instant healthcare are listed below.

• Cardiology who have to deal with several critical conditions and have to provide intensive care to the patients will be free from billing issues

• Outsourcing the billing will maximize the revenue because the claims will be compiled and submitted with accuracy and without any error.

• Billing process is faster when it is done by experts of outsource billing company because the office staff is not trained enough and will spend hours in sorting out the billing related issues

• Physicians do not need to hire extra staff for performing the billing activities

• Outsource staff has better knowledge related to latest rules and regulations of the billing and the coding procedure

Instant Healthcare Cardiology Billing & Coding Specialist

Instant Healthcare is a well experienced company for the medical coding and has well experienced billing specialist team. We have skills and expertise in several medical billing fields and cardiology that is a high revenue generation field is one of them. Our company is fully up to date with the rules and regulations that are offered by the government. Our skills in billing and coding related to multiple procedures associated with cardiology will guarantee that you fully get paid for the medical services you are providing.  Several big and small organizations are our clients and they are completely satisfied by the services we are offering to them.

We make sure that the claims are submitted in time so that chances of delays and denial can be reduced. By handing over your billing services to us you will be satisfied that your billings are processed accurately and their will be no chance of revenue lost. This satisfaction will help you in focusing on your core duty that is to take good care of your patients. Our company strictly complies with the HIPAA regulations and we are always up to date with new rules and regulations.

Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

Data Entry
The information of the patients that our customers share with us is completely analyzed and added to our database for processing. The data is entered carefully so that there is no error or lack of information that can cause refusal of payments. Data is arranged in accordance with the requirement of the insurer.

Eligibility Verification and Authorization
Verification of the patient’s eligibility for the receiving of payments is very important. As soon as the data is received we verify the eligibility of the patient for the receipt of payments from the insurance companies.

Medical Coding
The documents are handed over to coding specialist who assign the relevant codes to the medical services are procedures that have been performed. Coding teams are always up to date with the new codes related to diagnostics and treatments.

Claims Scrubbing
Scrubbing the claims makes them error free. Our experts scrub the documents multiple times so that any discrepancy that can result in refusal can be avoided. Anything found missing, out team contacts the clients again to collect the missing information.

Processing and Submission of claims
After completing and verifying the documents in every aspect, they are submitted to the insurers for the process of reimbursement.

Denial Management Services
We try to minimize the chances of any denial or refusal as much as possible but if by chance the payments are refused by the payment company, we get back to them for the reason that caused the denial. After removing the error that caused denial we again submit the claims for the reimbursement and take follow up with the insurers to avoid delay.

Billing Reporting
Reports are generated and sent to the customers on regular basis. The details of all the submitted claims, pending claims and reimbursed claims is added in the report.

Why to Choose Instant Healthcare for your Cardiology Practice?
Our company is one of the best company and there are certain distinctive features due to which you should choose us. Few of these features are listed below:

High Quality Billing & Coding Services
We guarantee you high revenue generation by submitting clean and timely claims. This is because of our expert team that submits the claims accurately and error free. This results in the reimbursement of claims in first attempt.

Flexible Pricing Packages
Our pricing packages are affordable and flexible. We offer customized services that are according to the requirement and the budget of the clients. The customer exactly gets what they want.

HIPAA Compliance
Our services are HIPAA complaint regarding the security policy of the patient’s data. We have trained our staff to be careful while handling the patient’s data. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to access the data of patients.

Specialist Billing Team
Our team is well-trained and certified with professional expertise that are required for the coding and billing process. They have a vast experience of working with different clients and facing various problems related to medical billing.

Quick Response and Turnaround Time
We are always available to respond to your queries and resolve your issue at the earliest. Regular follow ups are taken with the insurers to check the status of payments so that there is no chance of delays or denials.