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Internal Medicine Billing Services

Internal medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Internal medicine can have the highest number of patients as it includes both general as well as family medicine patients. Due to a large number of patients coming every day the issues may occur in billing and coding procedures and as a result, the internal medicine billing may become complicated. Internists and physicians do not have much time to solve these billing issues. Like every field of medicine, internal medicine billing also has its own issues and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • An extra time of staff is required for the routine and out-of-routine activities like visit revisit and monthly and annual visits.
  • As the internal medicine specialists have to see a large number of patients and are mostly the first person to be contacted for diagnosis and the treatment, so these internists need to be aware of the incentives and offers by the government. They need to be updated about the latest codes. This would be quite difficult for the already busy medical staff.
  • The important seasonal things for example the vaccinations and the annual flu shots are also the responsibilities of the internal medicine staff and the coders.
  • In internal medicine different types of patients come for treatment for example a person may have food poisoning or another one may have a sprained wrist. These types of patients require the immediate attention and treatment. Any such patient may not have any money to pay for treatment and it will result in more billing work to arrange the costs and bills.

So, the best possible solution for such problems is to outsource the internal medicine billing process.

Instant Healthcare Internal Medicine Billing Services

The solution to your low billing problem is Instant Healthcare internal medicine billing company. If you are getting the maximum profit on your billing then outsource your internal medicine billing to our company. By outsourcing to the Instant Healthcare HIPAA-compliant company you can generate more revenue than outsourcing to any other company. We guarantee you that your claims submission accounts reconciliation and denial management will be done efficiently with us. Our experts have vast knowledge and experience in billing and using the latest technology will facilitate you with more approval of claims and fewer denials.

Internal Medicine Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

We have a certified professional team that is completely aware of the HIPAA compliances and are able to perform billings with great dedication. Our expertise in internal medicine will help the hospitals and clinics to make in-time collections without any risk. The solutions offered by Instant Healthcare as internal medicine billing services are given below:

  • Scheduling of Patients
  • Collection of Patients
  • Access to Practice Portal
  • Processing of Claims
  • Insurance Authorization and verification
  • Regular Audits
  • Advanced Reporting

Internal Medicine Billing Process

Instant Healthcare clients have faith in us because operational transparency is our first priority in the internal medicine billing process. Our commitment is to offer our clients excellent services and matchless support that will give the quickest revenue without any inconvenience. The steps followed in the internal medicine billing process are listed below:

Verifying the Eligibility and Authorization

First, Instant Healthcare performs the eligibility assessment to make sure that the patient is eligible by taking into consideration repayment capacity and the authentication of the records.

Medical Coding

Coding will be carried out in view of invoices for the services that have been availed as the internal medicine services.

Billing Services

After coding the invoices successfully, they are then billed appropriately according to the need for compliance. And the bill will be handed over to the audit team for further audits.

Billing Audit

The Instant Healthcare team will run multiple checks on the billed data to make sure that there are no errors. After auditing the bills, the auditors will give a final authorization.

Denial Management

If any claims are returned by the insurers unfulfilled, then they are audited again by Instant Healthcare and the shortcomings are removed.

Final Claims Submission

A final and confirmed invoice is then transferred to the insurer for fulfilling the claims. Once the amount is received from the insurer, it will be transferred to the client’s account.

Why choose Instant Healthcare for Internal Medicine Billing

Instant Healthcare is one of the leading internal medicine billing services provider companies because of our error-free performance in billing and coding. Below are some of the reason that makes us one of the best billing company.

HIPAA Complaint internal medicine billing company

Instant Healthcare is a well-reputed HIPAA complaint billing company that strictly adheres to the rules and regulations that have been put forward by the HIPAA. We make sure that our expert team offers you the best of our services.

Secure Data Management

Securing the patient’s data is very important for us. Special arrangements are made the make the data secure. Only those people who can reach the data are authorized to access it.

Quality and Accuracy

We assure a maximum claim return rate because we put all our efforts to meet HIPAA compliance. We also make sure that the processes are fully verified by insurers.

Fast Turnaround

Instant Healthcare offers a quick turnaround time for billing services. This is all because of our well-organized and experienced team. We guarantee you much faster services than our competitors.

Flexible Pricing Packages

Instant Healthcare has a budget-friendly pricing package for internal medicine billing services. We customize our services to make sure that you only pay according to the services you are getting.

Single Point of Contact

Instant Healthcare clients will get a single point of contact for all the services and timely reports. They can directly contact the person in order to clarify their concerns and queries related to the billing process.