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Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

Geriatrics is the branch of healthcare that focuses on our unique needs with the age. Just as pediatricians specialize in the health needs of children, geriatricians specialize in the health needs of older people.

Geriatrics is a new emerging discipline in which the doctors need full attention to their patients while focusing on their patients and handling their account department is not so easy. The problem that they are facing does have a solution.

Instant Healthcare Medical Billing Services

Instant Healthcare is a professional company with expert and skilled employees working to provide quality services so that the practitioners can do their job without getting any administrative stress. Instant Healthcare not only increases the revenue but values customer satisfaction as well.

Consulting the problems of clients is the main objective of Instant Healthcare, by analyzing and gathering the correct data helps us to find solutions to those problems, our company deals with all coding and report generating processes including income reports, The data of all those reports are saved and are kept as a record to that present information with a smart code which can be easily tracked. Those codes are also given to the clients so that they can check their patient’s records whenever they need those.

Outsourcing medical billing services is the best and most popular solution to the need of the current global market situation, Instant Healthcare has the most skilled and experienced employees having the full assurance of work in terms of effectiveness and time. All of our employees are highly trained in security management systems so that no one can access the data and information of any client the security system of our company is too strong that no one can breach it easily.

Instant Healthcare employees are skilled and are dedicated to providing good performance for clients, It is the company where each and every employee works for the same purpose and that is, however, the main priority. Our company is operating in different nations doing its best to achieve the milestones. The company’s main focus is to facilitate the clients in an effective and efficient manner. Remote access is given to the clients so that they can easily supervise their patient’s daily reports plus income statements.

Why Geriatrics medical billing should be Outsource

By outsourcing many resources can be saved, outsourcing helps in reducing cost and time as well as hiring, recruiting employees, and developing a new department only for the cause of administrative work. In medical departments, the involvement of the government is usually higher than in other businesses whereas the government involves in negotiations at the lowest rates possible, and is moved over strict on every delivery to be compensated.

Getting many options as it varies from state to state, and patients all over the world can easily get in contact with the company to fetch information about the bills, prescriptions, appointments, etc. The user interface is very easy to use anyone can easily go through it.

Geriatric patients are also more chronic in condition than the Youngers, Now these type of patient needs more care, so their billing and coding are done very carefully to neglect any mistakes.

The paperwork needs a lot of energy which is not that easy for a practitioner, Dealing a patient and working with the files is a lot of loads, outsourcing these types of work to the companies who perform these jobs is better than doing it by yourself. It is a great relief for the practitioners to hand over this job to those who are just doing this job professionally.

Instant Healthcare works in all aspects of revenue cycle management, but when it comes to the clients our company customizes the services for every demanding client so that they can meet those satisfaction levels they were searching for,

Our software is always up-to-date as with codes which we usually use for the patients, this whole process of saving codes and updating them is the important part, usually, the clients request to change the information and data to update so our company gives them access to do it so that in the last financial reports can be tracked easily.

Ensure Timely Payments

Insurance companies usually work in very different manners as they got agreements to be signed, our company works with the same set of rules which are usually used by them. As the contract is bonded with the insurance company it means that the delay in any payment can cause a legal obligation in legal obligation one can get a penalty, for the reason to survive this situation is the experts are here to handle the situation but when it comes to the client they cannot full fill those requirements which a professional can do.

A legal binding is done with the insurance company as the insurance companies have a set of rules in which they cannot negotiate. The payment should be deposited on time or else they can claim certain penalties. To be a risk of getting a small mistake it’s better to get that business into a professional hand.

Process for Geriatric Billing

Transfer of Data

The hospital shares the initial report regarding the patient’s information with our billing team. This report includes insurance data, charge sheets, and other patient information. The files are shared with us as scanned documents.

Documents Checking

Our staff goes through the received documents and checks if any information is missing. If something is missing our staff contacts the emergency department of the hospital to seek the required missing information.

Medical Coding

When the required information is received the data is forwarded to the coding team for coding the treatment and procedures according to the international standards. When the coding is done the document is reviewed by the coding quality team to find any errors. Quality checks are applied multiple times on the document to make it error-free.

Charge Creation

Then the billing team makes the medical claims according to the rules. Claims are created within 24 hours after the coding team clears that the coding is error-free.

Claims Audit

The claims are checked again that the information is complete, relevant, and correct. It is also checked that the codes have been assigned properly. This extensive audit makes the claim document free from any error.

Claim Transfer and Submission:

Claims are then sent to the submission department that verifies the emergency medicine document before submission and then submits it to the relevant insurance agency or any government organization.


Our team then keeps follow-up with the insurance agencies to check the status of the claim submitted and stay in contact until the final settlement.