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Emergency Medicine Billing Services

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the care of illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Emergency physicians (often called “ER doctors” in the United States) are specialists that are trained to care for unscheduled and undifferentiated patients of all ages.

Emergency medicine doctors assess and treat patients in the emergency department, regardless of their illness or injury type. Their main focus is to stabilize patients as quickly as possible and determine the next best step.

There are certain aspects due to which emergency medicine billing is considered a bit more difficult than other medical billing services. It includes:

  • Rules related to emergency medicine billing keep changing very quickly.
  • It is important to strictly follow the HIPAA compliance regarding Privacy, Security, and Compliance.
  • Insurance companies keep trying to save money by settling bills with the hospitals that are out of network at a network rate.
  • Insurance companies may prefer paying the claims to patients directly, which will force hospitals to turn to patients for recovering the payments.

These are the reasons why emergency medicine billing becomes a challenging task and only an expert billing company can help you to reimburse from these insurance companies.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Instant Healthcare

Outsourcing the emergency medicine billing department has multiple key benefits, those includes:

  • Billing will be get done quicker
  • Paramedics will be able to focus on the core activities
  • Outsourcing the department would be cheaper as compared to hiring full-time staff to perform the same duty
  • It would cut off the administrative cost and that money could be used to hire more doctors and nurses and buy the essential required equipment

Instant Healthcare Emergency Medicine Billing

Instant Healthcare assists you in providing the best possible emergency medicine billing. We assure absolute transparency in communications and the information, that will take off the burden of billing and financial issues from medical staff. Instant Healthcare has vast experience in working with several big and small hospitals in providing emergency billing services. We have dealt with several big challenges that are faced by the emergency medicine department, hence we have a good knowledge of how to overcome such challenges. We have a highly professional workforce with great expertise in emergency medicine billing.

Being an expert emergency medicine billing company, we will help you to keep your focus on the core aspects of the medicine emergency rather than being engaged with the billing and coding issues. We have designed our billing process as accurate that no claims are denied. It is guaranteed with a procedure that includes authorization, error-free coding, and proper quality checks to make sure that you get paid fully.

Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

Instant Healthcare provides a wide range of medicine billing services, which include:


Instant Healthcare provides an emergency medicine documentation process that assists you to classify and explaining texts. Documents are properly indexed and scanned. Scanned documents are uploaded and stored.


Instant Healthcare assigns a code to each carried out procedure and treatment. A separate team of specialized coders is available to get this job done.

Coding Audits

Instant Healthcare has designed emergency medicine coding audits that assist in overcoming coding errors. Billing documents are sent by clients, that are reviewed by our expert team and they highlight if there is any error or discrepancy.

Billing Reporting

Instant Healthcare regularly share updates with hospitals regarding the status of account of their emergency departments. These updates include various kinds of reports including receivables accounts, collections, payments from patients, etc.

Compliance Reviews

Instant Healthcare ensures that all its billing documents and coding are systematized with HIPAA requirements and the health care reforms.

Patient Data Security at Instant Healthcare

Instant Healthcare has a strict security policy and our staff is adhered to following this policy in order to keep the patient’s data secure. We arrange training for our employees to give them knowledge about how to be cautious while handling the data of patients. Also, access to the data is restricted using multi-factor authentication, which requires to validate that the person who is accessing the data is authorized to it.

Data controls are used to monitor and control any suspicious data activity and if detected, it is blocked immediately. These data controls include blocking any web upload, restricting sending any unauthorized email, restricting copying to external drives, and printing any document.

Our clients are contented with the level of our security policy and they have full confidence in our services.

Process for Emergency Medicine Billing

Transfer of Data

The hospital shares the initial report regarding the patient’s information with our billing team. This report includes insurance data, charge sheets, and other patient information. The files are shared with us as scanned documents.

Documents Checking

Our staff goes through the received documents and checks if any information is missing. If something is missing our staff contacts the emergency department of the hospital to seek the required missing information.

Medical Coding

When the required information is received the data is forwarded to the coding team for coding the treatment and procedures according to the international standards. When the coding is done the document is reviewed by the coding quality team to find any errors. Quality checks are applied multiple times on the document to make it error-free.

Charge Creation

Then the billing team makes the medical claims according to the rules. Claims are created within 24 hours after the coding team clears that the coding is error-free.

Claims Audit

The claims are checked again that the information is complete, relevant, and correct. It is also checked that the codes have been assigned properly. This extensive audit makes the claim document free from any error.

Claim Transfer and Submission:

Claims are then sent to the submission department that verifies the emergency medicine document before submission and then submits it to the relevant insurance agency or any government organization.


Our team then keeps following up with the insurance agencies to check the status of the claim submitted and stay in contact until the final settlement.