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Family Medicine Billing Services

Family medicine note is a medical specialty within primary care that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and parts of the body.

The specialist, who is usually a primary care physician, is named a family physician. It is often referred to as general practice and a practitioner as a general practitioner.  Historically, their role was once performed by any doctor with qualifications from a medical school and who works in the community.  However, since the 1950s, family medicine general practice has become a specialty in its own right, with specific training requirements tailored to each country.  The names of the specialty emphasize its holistic nature and/or its roots in the family. It is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, centering on disease prevention and health promotion.  According to the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), the aim of family medicine is “promoting personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual in the context of the family and the community”.[The issues of values underlying this practice are usually known as primary care ethics.

Why Family Medicine Billing is Distinctive

Family medicine billing is considered distinctive as compared to other medical billings because the family physician has to treat people of different ages having common diseases, and multiple patients belonging to the same family may have billing with the same service provider. This makes the family medicine billing process simplified even if there are a large number of patients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Family Medicine Billing

Below are some of the most important benefits of outsourcing family medicine billing services.

  • Doctors will be free to focus on their patients.
  • Labor costs will be cut by outsourcing the billing department.
  • Logistics expenses will be reduced, such as offices, computers, furniture, and software required for billing. All these expenses will be cut off.
  • Patient data would remain safe.
  • The billing process would speed up.
  • Billing will be updated with the latest rules and codes.

Instant Healthcare Family Medicine Billing Company

Instant Healthcare is one of the best billing companies that comes to mind when one thinks about outsourcing medical billing. Instant Healthcare has an extensive experience in medical billing in various specialties. Our expertise will help you in saving your precious time as well as money.

Like other types of medical billings family medicine billing also depends on complete and in-time documentation and communication with the patients as well as the insurers. Instant Healthcare will help you in billing and the complete follow-up process. Instant Healthcare also makes sure that the policy is in accordance with HIPAA compliance and the other rules and regulations. You can completely rely on our services, which will help you in collection and maintaining bills, saving your precious time and also from any kind of hassle of the follow-up process, and resultantly causing an increase in your revenue.

Family Medicine Billing Services Instant Healthcare Offers

You can get relieved when you outsource your family medicine billing services to Instant Healthcare because a wide range of processes is included in our billing services. Our aim is to reimburse you in a single submission without having to rework. Instant Healthcare is sure that the application is complete and all the necessary documents are attached so that the chances of rejection might be eliminated. The services included:

  • Accounts Reconciling
  • Verification of insurance eligibility
  • Enrolment of Patients
  • Billing and coding compliance
  • Follow-up and collection of account receivables

Instant Healthcare has strong credibility that handles the billing process in a professional way and much faster. Some other reasons that make us most credible are:

Certified Family Medicine Billing Company

Instant Healthcare is a HIPAA-compliant family medicine billing company that has all the skills and resources for the accurate execution of the family medicine billing process.

Managing Data Security

Instant Healthcare is most concerned about the security of your data, so we put great effort to stop any unauthorized access to patient’s personal data. We make sure that data remains secure and in safe hands while transmitting the claims to the insurer.

Quality and Accuracy

Instant Healthcare team comprises quality control experts who thoroughly evaluate the claims. We also make sure that the claims are faster and accurately processed by the insurers.

Flexible Pricing

Instant Healthcare services are quite budget-friendly and are affordable for all types of practices. We have different packages for small, mid-sized, and large-scale practices.

Skilled Team

Instant Healthcare has a team of experts in family medicine billing who are fully aware of every knowledge, terms, HIPAA compliances, and standards. They have a vast experience in this field and are able to complete their task in the allotted timeframe.


The instant Healthcare team is available 24/7 to process the queries and give you the fastest response because we are committed to our work and have a great value for your precious time. You can reach our team through call as well as email or any other medium for any of your queries.

Family Medicine Billing Process

The instant Healthcare Family medicine billing process is carried out with transparency. We have a simple and efficient approach, that leads to more savings in terms of cost and time. Below is our simple workflow:

Verifying eligibility and authorization

First, as a family medicine billing company, Instant Healthcare verifies the patient’s eligibility by examining the medical justification, the compliance, and the data accuracy to preauthorize.

Submission of claims

After making sure that the data is accurate and free from any error, Instant Healthcare submits claims to the insurance companies. Once the insurer receives the documents, we also notify our clients.

Posting of Payments

When the insurance company reimburses the amount then the amount is posted in the account of the respective patient with the statement for future reconciliation. Also, a report is generated for keeping it on record.

Audit of Payments

Then the audit of the reimbursed amount is done to make sure that the amount is fully paid according to the care offered to the patient and also to ensure that the billing component is fully covered.

Refusal Management

If any claim is denied, then Instant Healthcare follow-up with the insuring company to investigate the reason for the refusal and try to solve the case, and make sure that the amount is fully reimbursed.